Sponsor Committee: VT/CBTC&SIG - Communications-Based Train Control and Signals

Society: IEEE Vehicular Technology Society

Scope: The IEEE 1474™ standards and recommended practices have catalyzed uptake of the CBTC technology and promoted wide adoption of the technology across the globe. As technology changes and evolves, the CBTC standards and recommended practices require modification. This working group is responsible for the maintenance of the standards to reflect the changes in technology and implementations world wide.

This working group is currently working on updating IEEE 1474.1™-2004, 1474.2™-2003, and 1474.3™-2008:

Project P1474.1 Maintenance of IEEE 1474.1™-2004 reaffirmed 2009 IEEE Standard for Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC) Performance and Functional Requirements (Inactive-Reserved Standard).

This standard establishes a set of performance and functional requirements necessary for enhancing performance, availability, operations, and train protection using a CBTC system.

Project P1474.2 Maintenance of IEEE 1474.2™-2003 reaffirmed 2008 IEEE Standard for User Interface Requirements in Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC) Systems (Inactive-Reserved Standard).

This standard provides for consistent user interfaces that take advantage of the characteristics of communications-based train control systems to enhance service effectiveness of a rail transit system.

Project P1474.3 Maintenance of IEEE 1474.3™-2008 IEEE Recommended Practice for Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC) System Design and Functional Allocations (Inactive-Reserved Standard).

This recommended practice establishes a preferred system design and functional allocation for CBTC systems.

Maintenance of IEEE1474.4™-2011 by the working group is planned to commence in due course.

IEEE 1474.4™-2011 IEEE Recommended Practice for Functional Testing of a Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC) System (Inactive-Reserved Standard).

A preferred approach for functional testing of a communications-based train control system, based on the CBTC system design and functional allocations as defined in IEEE Std 1474.3™-2008, is established in this recommended practice.

Stakeholders: transit agencies, CBTC system and equipment suppliers, consultants, academia.


Yousef Kimiagar,

Dave Keevill,

Ali Siadati,

Staff Program Manager
Patricia Roder,