CDSWG20 P1484.20.1

The IEEE Standard for Learning Technology—Data Model for Reusable Competency Definitions (RCD) is intended to replace the expired 2008 Reusable Competency Definition (RCD)” (1484.20.1) standard.

The standard defines a data model for describing, referencing, and sharing competency definitions, primarily in the context of online and distributed learning. The standard provides a way to represent formally the key characteristics of a competency, independently of its use in any particular context or within the context of a competency framework or as specified by linked metadata. It enables interoperability among learning systems that deal with competency information by providing a means for them to refer to common definitions with common meanings. As a result of this work a separate workgroup was formed (1484.20.2) which is developing recommended practices for well-defined competencies.
The Competencies WG used the Credential Ecosystem Mapping Project’s mapping of competencies metadata and update RCD to represent the most common elements that are found in multiple standards addressing competencies and competency frameworks.

Jim Goodell, Chair CDSWG20 P1484.20.1 –