IEEE C/DC 1857 Working Group
IEEE Audio Video Coding Working Group (1857 WG)

The 1st IEEE 1857 Working Group Meeting

April 17, 2012, CBeijing, China

IEEE 1857 working group sponsored by Standards Activities Board Committee (C/SAB) under IEEE Computer Society is charted to create and maintain 1857 series standards to provide regular high quality and efficient coding tool sets for compression, decompression, processing, and representing of multimedia data. Three standards developed by the working group were approved and published in last two years, and more standards are in development. The workshop encourages papers on key technologies inside, typical applications and emerging new approaches on the IEEE 1857 standards and other audio and video coding standards.

Workshop organizers

Tiejun Huang, Peking University
Lu Yu, Zhejiang University
Weibei Dou, Tsinghua University
Siwei Ma, Peking University
XiaoZhen Zheng, Hisilicon Technologies Co., Ltd.

Programs Committee

Wen Gao, National Sciences Foundation of China
Huifang Sun, MERL
Oscar C. Au, Hongkong University of Science and Technology
Feng Wu, Microsoft Research Asia
Yun He, Tsinghua University
Ruimin Hu, Wuhan University
Tao Zhang, Tianjin University
Tianshu Qu, Peking University
Xiang Xie, Beijing University of Technology


1 Agenda Approval Wen Gao
2 IEEE-SA patent policy statement Cliff Reader
3 Appoint new WG officer Wen Gao
4. P1857a- Advanced video Report on the draft process Siwei Ma
5 P1857.2-Advanced Audio Report on the draft process Weibei Dou
6 P1857.3-Advanced AV Report on the draft process Luntian Mou
7 Future Meetings   Wen Gao
8 Resolution   Wen Gao