IEEE C/DC 1857 Working Group
IEEE Audio Video Coding Working Group (1857 WG)

The 23rd IEEE SA 1857 WG meeting Notice

The 23rd 1857 WG meeting will take place in China National Convention Center, Beijing, China. At the WG plenary meeting held in the afternoon of March 17th, 2017, we will hear reports given by each subgroup chair on the standard draft progress of P1857.4, P1857.5, P1857.6, P1857.7, P1857.8 and P1857.9.

The notice to collect technical proposals to P1857.9 standard will be distributed by Dr. WANG Yueming recently.

The detailed logistic information is as below,

Meeting Date/Time Room Meeting Chair
The 23rd 1857 WG Plenary meeting 17 March, 2017
From 16:00pm Beijing time
Room 303, 3F, CNCC GAO Wen: [email protected]
WU Feng: [email protected]
Venue: China National Convention Center, No. 7, Tianchen East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China.

Physical presence or by conference call to WG plenary meeting (Chinese domestic call only+86 95040263263 or international call at +86 10 60778888 Password: 93858045#). The call service will not be provided if no return slip is received to request call service before March 15, 2017.

Accommodation: if in need, please contact us for detailed information or book here

Contact: Ms. Haiying Xie, [email protected]  MP: +86 13126758816   Tel: +86 10 8228 2177

If you are going to attend this meeting in whatever way, please reply to [email protected] by attaching the form at the bottom of the notice before March 14, 2017.
Return Slip:

If you are going to attend this meeting, please reply to [email protected] with the form below.

Name Affiliation Employer E-mail Mobile phone
Choose the way to participate and your tel. No.
(by deleting the Yes of the other)
In person: YES
By telephone: YES
and my telephone No. is:

Note: a. If you will participate by telephone, please provide your telephone no. for our convenience of identifying your presence and you are suggested to connect into our tele-conference room two minutes before the meeting.


Date: 2017/03/17
Time: 16:00-19:30, March 17, 2017.
Venue: Hainan Hongyun Hotel , No. 15, Haixiu Avenue, Longhua District, Haikou, Hainan Province, China. Tel: +86 898-36669988

1 Agenda Approval Wen Gao/Feng Wu
2 IEEE-SA patent policy statement Cliff Reader
3 P1857.4- Advanced video Report on the draft process
(90% complete by last meeting)
Siwei Ma
4. P1857.5-Mobile Speech Report on the draft process
(WG D1 vote by last meeting)
Xiaochen Wang
5 P1857.6-digital media content description Report on the draft process
(version 2.0 at last meeting)
Hanqing Lu
6 P1857.7AVS2 system Report on the draft process Xilin Chen/Luntian Mou
7 P1857.9 – VR Report on the draft process Ronggang Wang
8 Future Meetings   Feng Wu /en Gao
9 Resolution   Feng Wu/Wen Gao