IEEE C/DC 1857 Working Group
IEEE Audio Video Coding Working Group (1857 WG)

IEEE 1857.3

1857.3 works on developing and maintaining standard for system level tool sets which describe the file storage format and RTP(Real-time Transport Protocol) Payload format for the 1857-2013 video and 1857.2-2013 audio while storing and streaming over IP network

Latest Action: 1857.3 was published as IEEE Standard 1857.3-2013 on Dec. 11, 2013.

Standard Evolvement

  • 1857.3-Standard for System of Advanced Audio and Video CodingIEEE Std

Project Authorization Request (PAR)

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Membership List

Wen Gao: Peking University (Chair)
Cliff Reader: professional lawyer (Vice-Chair)
Tiejun HUANG: Peking University (Task Force Chair)
Haiying Xie: Zhongguancun Audio Video Technology Innovation Alliance (Secretary)
Pengfei GAO: Beijing Compunicate Technologies Inc.
Jun SUN: Peking University
Luntian MOU: Peking University(Chief Editor)
Longshe HUO: China Unicom
Lei WANG: Beijing University of Posts and Communications
Yekui WANG: Nokia

Contact information

Luntian Mou (Chief Editor)

IEEE Standards Staff Liaison for 1857:

Jonathan Goldberg

IEEE 1857 Practice Team:

Xiaoxu Luan (Secretary)