IEEE C/DC 1857 Working Group
IEEE Audio Video Coding Working Group (1857 WG)

IEEE 1857.6

The 1857.6 is working on the standard that provides compact descriptors to represent the audio/visual features and describe the category, attribute, property and context information of the multimedia data, which can facilitate content searching and indexing, save bandwidth for transmission, enable hardware support for descriptor extraction and matching, ensure interoperability of multimedia applications and ubiquitous platforms, simplify design of audiovisual application, and enhance performance on visual surveillance, mobile computing, augmented reality and other applications which demand high bandwidth.

Latest Action:
The 1857.6 was published on 20 March 2019. (20 March 2019)
The 1857.6 was approved as IEEE standard on 05 December 2018. (06 December 2018)
WG Ballot was conduct on P1857.6 Draft 1 from May 12, 2017 to June 08, 2017. (May 21, 2017)
The P1857.6 PAR was authorized on Dec 11, 2013, and currently the standard is being drafted, and it is open to anyone who is interested in the technology we are standardizing. (March 11, 2014)

Standard Evolvement

  • 1857.6-Standard for Digital Media Content Description IEEE Std

Project Authorization Request (PAR)

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Membership List

Wen Gao: Peking University (Chair)
Cliff Reader: professional lawyer (Vice-Chair)
Tiejun HUANG: Peking University (Task Force Chair)
Haiying Xie: Zhongguancun Audio Video Technology Innovation Alliance (Secretary)
Hanqing Lu: Institute of Automation, CAS (Chief Editor)
Qingming Huang: University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (Co-Chief Editor)
Yifan Zhang: Institute of Automation, CAS
Li Su: University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Siqi Wang: Peking University
Chen Zhao: Peking University
Teng Shi: Huawei
Mingxiang Cai: Lenovo
Lianghao Wang: Hangzhou National Chips
Shuolin Di: Peking University
Xiang Zhang: Peking University
Xiaoyang Wu: Hikvision
Yonghong Tian: Peking University
Siwei Dong: Peking University
Fan Liang: Sun-Yat Sen University
Sam Zhang: VIA Technology
Wei Chen: Peking University
Honggang Qi: ICT, CAS
Cheng Huang: ZTE
Yi Liu: Sony
Ming Yan: New Peony
Haiwu Zhao: Shanghai University
Jiajing Bao: Sumavision
Lifang Wu: Beijing University of Technology
Yaxi Hou: Beijing University of Technology
Xihong Wu: Peking University
Yaowei Wang: Beijing Institute of Technology
Linpeng Gao: CESI
Lei Qin: ICT, CAS
Peng Zhao: New Peony
Huo Zhang: Changhong
Wei Jiang: Changhong

Contact information

Hanqing Lu (Chief Editor), Institute of Automation,Chinese Academy of Sciences
Yifang Zhang (Co-Editor), Institute of Automation,Chinese Academy of Sciences

IEEE Standards Staff Liaison for 1857:

Jonathan Goldberg

IEEE 1857 Practice Team:

Xiaoxu Luan (Secretary)