IEEE C/DC 1857 Working Group
IEEE Audio Video Coding Working Group (1857 WG)

IEEE 1857.9

The 1857.9 is working on the standard which provides efficient coding tool sets for compression, decompression, and reconstructing of the immersive visual content data. The target applications and services include but are not limited to virtual reality such as unmanned aerial vehicle based VR, augment reality, panorama video, free-view TV, panoramic stereo video, and other video/audio-enabled services and applications such as immersive video streaming, broadcasting, storage and communication.

Latest Action: The P1857.9 PAR was authorized on Dec 05, 2015. It is open to anyone who is interested in the technology we are standardizing. (Jan.05, 2016)

Standard Evolvement

  • 1857.9-Standard for Immersive Visual Content Coding

Project Authorization Request (PAR)

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Membership List


Surname Given Name Affiliation note
Wang Ronggang Peking University Shenzhen Graduate Subgroup Chair
Zheng Xiaozhen SZ DJI Technology Co., Ltd. Subgroup Co-Chair
Wang Yao Tencent Subgroup Co-Chair
Cao Xun Nanjing University Subgroup Co-Chair
An Ping Shanghai University
Bai Maosheng LeTV
Bai Qian Arcvideo
Chen Xiaoming The University of Science and Technology of China
Chen Zhenzhong Wuhan University
Chen Weiqiang Hisense
Dai Jingwen Ximmerse
Ding Junlong Arcvideo
Fan Kui Peking University Shenzhen Graduate
Fan Xiaoting Beijing Peony Electronic Group Co.,Ltd.
Gao Wen Peking University
Gao Xuesong Hisense
Gu Jiawen Tsinghua University
Guo Ruitao Air360china
Hu Weifeng Hisense, Shandong University
Huang Tiejun Peking University
Huang Cheng ZTE
Jiang Dong Toutiao
Kong Lingsheng Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics (CIOMP)
Kuang Chao Realnetworks
Li Chunhua Shanghai University
Li Li The University of Science and Technology of China
Li Ming ZTE
Li Qiang Nanchang VR Film Ltd.
Li Yujun Shandong University
Liang Fan SunYat-Sen University
Lin Yongping Alibaba Group Music Division
Lin Hongzhi Media Tek
Liu Hongbin IQIYI Corporation
Liu Dong The University of Science and Technology of China
Liu Yue Changan Capital
Liu Huaping Alibaba Group
Lu Ang Zhejiang University
Lv Yong ZTE
Ma Bin Beihang University (BUAA)
Ma Siwei Peking University
Ma Xiang Huawei
Mao Ke Beijing Peony Electronic Group Co.,Ltd.
Pan Zhigeng Hangzhou Normal University
Reader Cliff Peking University
Shen Quanli Shanghai University
Song Li Shanghai Jiaotong University
Sun Jun Peking University
Sun Xuejing Twirlingvr Corporation
Sun Wenbo Air360china
Tian Biao Baidu
Wang Hongyan Beijing Peony Electronic Group Co.,Ltd.
Wang Peng Media Tek
Wang Lianghao Zhejiang University
Wang Zhihang IQIYI Corporation
Wang Ning ZTE
Wang Zhiyuan Arcvideo
Wei Wei LeTV
Wen Ziyu Tsinghua University
Wu Feng The University of Science and Technology of China
Wu Zhao ZTE
Wu Gang Realnetworks
Xie Shaowei Shanghai Jiaotong University
Yang Jiwei LeTV
Zan Jinwen Vimacro Electronics
Zhang Jun Samsung Beijing
Zhang Han Shanghai Jiaotong University
Zhang Wenbo Samsung Beijing
Zhao Haiwu Shanghai University
Zheng Chenglin Huawei Hisilicon
Zheng Jianhua Huawei Hisilicon
Zhou Yan Wuhan University
Zhuang Jixun Air360china

Contact information

Ronggang Wang: Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School  (Chair)
Zheng Xiaozhen: SZ DJI Technology Co., Ltd. (Co-chair)
Yao Wang: Tencent Technology (Co-chair)
Xun Cao: Nanjing University (Co-chair)

IEEE Standards Staff Liaison for 1857:

Jonathan Goldberg

IEEE 1857 Practice Team:

Xiaoxu Luan (Secretary)