Member list of 1857.5

Last name First name Affiliation
Gao Wen  Peking University (Chair)
Reader Cliff  professional lawyer (Vice-Chair)
HUANG Tiejun  Peking University (Task Force Chair)
Xie Haiying  Zhongguancun Audio Video Technology Innovation Alliance (Secretary)
WANG Xiaochen  Wuhan University (Chief Editor)
SHU Haiyan  Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R), Sigapore
DOU Weibei  Tsinghua University
YU Rongshan  Peking University
PAN Xingde  Beijing Angel Voice Digital Technology Co.,Ltd.
ZHANG Tao  Tianjin University
LI Jing  Beijing Angel Voice Digital Technology Co.,Ltd.
YANG Xinhui  CASKY eTech Co.,Ltd
HUANG Haibin  Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R), Sigapore
LU Min  Tsinghua University
QU Tianshu  Peking University
HUANG Yichao  Peking University

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