Member list of 1857.6

Last name First name Affiliation
Gao Wen  Peking University (Chair)
Reader Cliff  professional lawyer (Vice-Chair)
HUANG Tiejun  Peking University (Task Force Chair)
Xie Haiying  Zhongguancun Audio Video Technology Innovation Alliance (Secretary)
Lu Hanqing  Institute of Automation, CAS (Chief Editor)
Huang Qingming  University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (Co-Chief Editor)
Zhang Yifan  Institute of Automation, CAS
Su Li  University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Wang Siqi  Peking University
Zhao Chen  Peking University
Shi Teng  Huawei
Cai Mingxiang  Lenovo
Wang Lianghao  Hangzhou National Chips
Di Shuolin  Peking University
Zhang Xiang  Peking University
Wu Xiaoyang  Hikvision
Tian Yonghong  Peking University
Dong Siwei  Peking University
Liang Fan  Sun-Yat Sen University
Zhang Sam  VIA Technology
Chen Wei  Peking University
Qi Honggang  ICT, CAS
Huang Cheng  ZTE
Liu Yi  Sony
Yan Ming  New Peony
Zhao Haiwu  Shanghai University
Bao Jiajing  Sumavision
Wu Lifang  Beijing University of Technology
Hou Yaxi  Beijing University of Technology
Wu Xihong  Peking University
Wang Yaowei  Beijing Institute of Technology
Gao Linpeng  CESI
Qin Lei  ICT, CAS
Zhao Peng  New Peony
Zhang Huo  Changhong
Jiang Wei  Changhong

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