Submit a Task Force contribution

Use this form to submit your contributions to the IEEE 1914 Task Force. In a case of multiple contributions each has to be submitted individually. Please note that the “submit” button will not be shown/activated until all the fields have been populated.

Presentations SHOULD be submitted in PDF format. They will be archived in PDF form in any case. The preferred PowerPoint template is available here.

The presentation file shall ‚  be named using the following template:

  • tfx_YYMM_lastname_topic_n.pdf, where
  • YYMM is year and month of the meeting,
  • tfx is tf1 for IEEE P1914.1 TF and tf3 for IEEE P1914.3 TF,
  • lastname is the last (family) name of the main author or the presenter,
  • topic is the brief (1-3 words) description of the presentation, and
  • n is an index used to differentiate multiple versions of a presentation (n = 1,2,3, ¢€ ¦).

Avoid graphic intensive backgrounds or other decorative graphics. No animations, audio clips, video clips, etc. Presentation should be less then 2 MB.

No marketing pitches, product pitches or corporate pitches. No pricing, costs, ASPs, etc. are permitted. Relative costs, relative ASPs, etc. are permitted (i.e. option 1 is 3 ƒ”” the cost of option 2).

No company copyright or confidentiality statements.