Adaptive Instructional Systems (C/LT/AIS) P2247 Working Group

The purpose of the Adaptive Instructional Systems Working Group is to investigate the possible market need for standards across a group of technologies collectively known as Adaptive Instructional Systems (AIS). AIS include Intelligent Tutoring Systems and other related learning technologies. The output of the working group will be one or more PARs identifying needed standards activities. The Adaptive Instructional Systems (AIS) Working Group parent organization is the IEEE  Learning and Training Standards Committee (LTSC). More information about the LTSC can be found here:
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Adaptive Instructional Systems (AIS) Working Group

  • Chair—Drew Hampton, University of Memphis,
  • Vice Chair—Eric Domeshek, Stottler Henke, Inc.,
  • Treasurer—Jody Cockroft, University of Memphis,
  • Secretary—Jeanine DeFalco, United States Military Academy,
    • ICICLE Liaison—Avron Barr
    • IEEE Project 9274: xAPI Standards Working Group Liaison—Andy Johnson
    • Global Outreach Tsar—Richard Tong
  • AIS Conceptual Modeling Subgroup Chair—Anne Knowles, L3 Technologies,
    • Americas Lead for AIS Conceptual Modeling—KP Thai, Squirrel AI Learning by Yixue Group,
    • Asia-Pacific Lead for Conceptual Modeling—Xiangen Hu, University of Memphis & China Central Normal University,
    • Europe-Africa Lead for Conceptual Modeling—TBD
  • AIS Interoperability Subgroup Chair—Jim Goodell, Quality Information Partners,
    • Americas Lead for AIS Interoperability—Keith Brawner, US Army Futures Command,
    • Asia-Pacific Lead for AIS Interoperability—Guangzhou Zhiban, AI Technology, Co. Ltd.,
    • Europe-Africa Lead for AIS Interoperability—TBD
  • Recommended Practices for AIS Evaluation Subgroup Chair—Shelly Blake-Plock, Yet Analytics,
    • Americas Lead for AIS Evaluation Practices—Louise Yarnall, SRI,
    • Asia-Pacific Lead for AIS Evaluation Practices—TBD
    • Europe-Africa Lead for AIS Evaluation Practices—TBD