Biweekly telecons are on Thursdays at 10am eastern.

Agenda (updated 6 September):

  • Roll Call of Working Group Members (Ben Goldberg, Recruiting Coordinator)

Old Business

  • Repeat Announcements:
    • Reminder – Next few working group telecons are 6 September, 20 September, 4 October
    • Schedule for Working Group Bi-Annual Workshops (1st meeting (2nd AIS workshop) targeted for 30-31 October 2018) in Menlo Park, California at SRI… the registration link is:
    • Migration to IEEE P2247 AIS website… go to: to sign up soonest… old CAIS website is coming down effective 15 September.
    • Human Computer Interaction International (HCII) approved our proposal to start up a new affiliated conference, Adaptive Instructional Systems, beginning 26-31 July 2019 at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort, Orlando, Florida, USA.
      • The HCII affiliated conference will fill the role of one of our semi-annual face to face meetings each year and provide access to a larger international audience.
      • If you are interested in a role on the conference board, as a session chair, or as a tutorial chair (HCII pays for 1/2 day tutorial sessions – $1500), please contact Bob Sottilare
  • Officer Reports:
    • Secretary Report (Drew Hampton) – post minutes to website for review
    • Treasurer Report (Jody Cockroft)
    • Recruiting Coordinator Report (Ben Goldberg)
    • Collaboration – ICICLE Report (no change from last meeting)
      • Questions for the WG Group and Avron… do we (AIS WG members) want to participate in the ICICLE conference in the Spring (2019)?  Does LTSC want us to participate? If so, what is our level of participation.
      • ICICLE is examining steps to develop learning engineering as a profession – ICICLE will be meeting F2F in Alexandria, VA starting Monday, 27 August prior to IFest (Avron)
    • Collaboration – IEEE 9274 Report (Keith Brawner) – Standards for xAPI after IFest on Wednesday afternoon at 1:30-5Pm

New Business:

  • New Announcements: (none at this time)
  • Agenda for IEEE 2247 Workshop at SRI (30-31 October):
    • Panel Discussions:
      • Topical Areas – learner models? team or collaborative learning models? What are AISs? Other topics?
      • Panel moderators and members
      • Duration: One 1/2 day session
    • Paper Sessions:
      • Paper Submissions: Call for papers is at: (extended abstracts are due – 14 September; paper submission deadline is 12October)
    • Way Forward Session (last 1.5 hours of the workshop):
      • What needs to be done and who should be involved in doing it?
  • Discussion – Initial standard for an AIS conceptual model
  • How to join the telecon…* If you have a account or want to sign up, please go to: (need to login) If you want to join as a guest, go to, and use Conference ID: 854-669-751 to join the meeting (anonymous login, but asks for your name later)
    • Dial this number for voice: +1.646.307.1990 If you want to present, you will need to either: download the app so I can pass control to you OR I can flip slides for you if you email me your presentation by 0800am on Thursday.

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