1. Presentation of “The New Wave of Training Technology Standards” paper (Time TBD)

Technical standards often shape the economics of how new technologies are disseminated and applied. We are in the midst of a new era characterized by ubiquitous computing and a wave of new learning technologies. From Amazon’s Alexa to Kahn Academy to augmented reality, the way people learn is fundamentally changing. A new set of standards is emerging – the last year alone saw the initiation of standards activities related to competencies and credentials; adaptive instructional systems; student data privacy and security; the Experience API (xAPI); and eBooks as platforms for learning. Standards efforts addressing human performance metrics and augmented reality are already in full swing, and others that will define how virtual reality, cloud computing, AI, big data, blockchains, 5G, and other technologies affect training are on the horizon. This paper provides practical insights into the new wave of standards and its implications for instructional designers, product developers, trainers, and acquisition commands. It explains what the standards are, what problems they solve, and how they fit together. Implications for training organizations, product developers, systems integrators, and acquisitions commands are outlined.

2. Exploratory event: “An IEEE ICICLE Chapter on Learning Engineering in Military Training” (29 November, 10:30-Noon Eastern time)
Learning Engineering offers a systematic approach to the design, deployment, and maintenance of complex, multi-modal, multi-vendor training systems. NATO military training organizations are leaders in Learning Engineering practice, since they figure out how to use cutting-edge technologies in innovative ways. ICICLE, the IEEE’s effort to establish Learning Engineering as a profession, is launching community-of-practice chapters: regional groups, student groups, and others that represent unique perspectives on Learning Engineering. If there is adequate interest at the meeting, this session will establish an ICICLE chapter for military education and training.
Contact Avron Barr for more details.

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