Biweekly telecons are on Thursdays at 10 a.m. Eastern.

Antitrust and IP awareness

  1. This is a TECHNICAL committee. Please familiarize yourself with these antitrust and IP guidelines for IEEE meetings.
  2. Report the existence of any patent claims that might be essential to implementers of any proposed standards (Potentially Essential Patents):
    • Speak up now, or
    • Report any essential patents of which you are personally aware to the Chair, or
    • Cause a Letter of Assurance to be submitted to the IEEE-SA

Agenda (updated 6 December 18):

  • Roll Call of Working Group Members

Old Business

  • Repeat Announcements:
    • Next meeting 20 December
    • AIS2 documentation
      • Manuscripts being compiled to IEEE website under “Documents”.
      • Presentations available on meeting website.
      • Proceedings being compiled
    • Reminder – Next meeting delayed to 6 December (due to I/ITSEC last week of November).
      • HCII AIS conference (July 26–31, 2019)
      • At least three standards sessions
        • Conceptual Models
        • Interoperability
        • Competency Modeling
  • Officer Reports:
    • Vice Chair (Eric Domeshek)
    • Secretary Report (Drew Hampton)
    • Treasurer Report (Jody Cockroft)
    • Recruiting Coordinator Report (Ben Goldberg)
    • Collaboration – ICICLE Report
    • Collaboration – IEEE 9274 Report (Keith Brawner)

New Business:

    • I/ITSEC Review
    • HCII Conference Sessions
    • Affiliated conferences


    • How to join the telecon…* If you have a account or want to sign up, please go to: (need to login) If you want to join as a guest, go to, and use Conference ID: 854-669-751 to join the meeting (anonymous login, but asks for your name later)
      • Dial this number for voice: +1.646.307.1990 If you want to present, you will need to either: download the app so I can pass control to you OR I can flip slides for you if you email me your presentation by 0800am on Thursday.

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