Monthly telecons are on second Thursdays at 10 a.m. Eastern.

Antitrust and IP awareness

  1. This is a TECHNICAL committee. Please familiarize yourself with these antitrust and IP guidelines for IEEE meetings.
  2. Report the existence of any patent claims that might be essential to implementers of any proposed standards (Potentially Essential Patents):
    • Speak up now, or
    • Report any essential patents of which you are personally aware to the Chair, or
    • Cause a Letter of Assurance to be submitted to the IEEE-SA

Agenda (updated 11 June 2020, 0900 hrs CDT):

  • Roll Call of Working Group Members

Old Business

  • Repeat Announcements:
    • Next meetings— 2nd Thursday each month at 10 a.m. eastern (July 9th, August 13th, September 10th)
  • Officer Reports:
    • Vice Chair (Eric Domeshek)
    • Secretary Report (Jeanine DeFalco),
    • Treasurer Report (Jody Cockroft)
    • Collaboration – ICICLE Report (Michael Jay)
    • Collaboration – IEEE 9274 Report (Andy Johnson)

New Business: 

  • Drew Hampton has been appointed as the new Chair
      • This is effective immediately. 
      • Jeanine DeFalco has stepped up as the new Secretary to replace Drew there.
      • Meetings will transition to the IEEE Webex account in the future.
  • Global Outreach
    • 2020 HCII AIS Conference (19–24 July, Copenhagen, Denmark)
        • Conference website here.
        • Proofs going out to authors now
        • In-person conference cancelled per national restrictions
        • Possibly some kind of rolling baseline, but difficult to synchronize time zones worldwide. 
        • Papers will still be published provided there was a registration. 
  • Discussion on potential venues for outreach; the following conferences were mentioned as venues where Project 2247 members might conduct AIS-specialized sessions
    • I/ITSEC
      • Bob & Jeanine recently sent in an workshop proposal
      • Tutorial proposal due on June 15th (just abstract)
      • Nov. 30th–Dec. 4th, Orlando, FL
    • AI in Education
    • ASU-GSV
      • September 29th–October 1st; San Diego, CA
    • Learning@Scale
      • August 12th–14th (virtually)
      • Proposed ICICLE Workshop (Jim Goodell)
    • AERA
      • April 9th-12th, 2021; Orlando, FL
      • Art Graesser suggested that we look at potential alignment with activities in the National Council on Educational Measures. 
      • Symposium submission deadline July 22nd
    • Innovation in Testing 2021
      • Dallas, TX
      • March 7-10
  • REMINDER. 1 page description of Project 2247 activities for members to bring with them to conferences and meetings.
  • Jody Cockroft shared a spreadsheet of upcoming 2020 conferences for reference.
  • Subgroups
      • Leaders have established meetings. Everyone should have received notifications via email.
    • Conceptual Modeling Subgroup Chair—Anne Knowles, L3 Technologies
        • Final stage of review with WG Chair. 
        • A new spreadsheet from Richard has milestone suggestions delimited. From that we can determine our position and steps forward (with dates). 
        • Americas Lead for AIS Conceptual Modeling—KP Thai, Age of Learning, Inc.
        • Asia-Pacific Lead for Conceptual Modeling—Xiangen Hu, University of Memphis & Central China Normal University
        • Europe-Africa Lead for Conceptual Modeling—TBD
    • Interoperability Subgroup Chair—Jim Goodell, Quality Information Partners
        • Meetings venue:
        • For recent meeting details, please see this Interoperability Use Case Discussion Abstract document
        • Also review this spreadsheet version of same.
        • Looking for alignment between this group and Conceptual Modeling group. Will be coordinating among subgroup leaders. 
        • There is a base document from which to work, but requires some progress from 2247.1 before serious work can continue
        • Americas Lead for AIS Interoperability—Keith Brawner, US Army Futures Command
        • Asia-Pacific Lead for AIS Interoperability—Qiguang Lin
        • Europe-Africa Lead for AIS Interoperability—SEEKING VOLUNTEER 
    • Recommended Practices for Evaluation Subgroup Chair—Shelly Blake-Plock, Yet Analytics
        • Milestones and schedule:
          • Resumed regular meetings.
          • We have aligned our work on definitions with the work of the Concept Model group. Once they are finished their work, we request an updated draft version so that we can make sure our definitions align.
          • We are currently focused on Section 4.5 on AI Ethics and AIS. To that end, we have read Dewey’s Ethics of Moral Principles and Deliberation and will be discussing at our next call.
          • Call link will be distributed as Webex account creation is finalized
          • Our next call is scheduled for June 22.
        • Americas Lead for AIS Evaluation Practices—Louise Yarnall, SRI
        • Asia-Pacific Lead for AIS Evaluation Practices—Ma. Mercedes T. Rodrigo, Ateneo Laboratory for the Learning Sciences (ALLS)
        • Europe-Africa Lead for AIS Evaluation Practices—SEEKING VOLUNTEER

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