Monthly telecons are on second Thursdays at 10 a.m. Eastern.

Antitrust and IP awareness


  1. This is a TECHNICAL committee. Please familiarize yourself with these antitrust and IP guidelines for IEEE meetings.
  2. Report the existence of any patent claims that might be essential to implementers of any proposed standards (Potentially Essential Patents):
    • Speak up now, or
    • Report any essential patents of which you are personally aware to the Chair, or
    • Cause a Letter of Assurance to be submitted to the IEEE-SA

Agenda (updated 10 June 2021, 0800 hrs CDT):

  • Roll Call of Working Group Members

Old Business

  • Repeat Announcements:
    • Next meetings—2nd Thursday each month at 10 a.m. eastern (June 10th; July 8th)
  • Officer Reports:
    • Vice Chair (Eric Domeshek)
    • Secretary Report (Elyse Burmester),
    • Treasurer Report (Jody Cockroft)
    • Collaboration – ICICLE Report (Michael Jay)
    • Collaboration – IEEE 9274 Report (Andy Johnson)

New Business: 

  • AIS Consortium
        • Committees are ramping up activity
        • Our 2021 Second Quarter Members Meeting is on 30 June (tentatively at 9am eastern time… check the website for updates)
          • First part of the quarterly meeting is open to the public (9am-1030am eastern)
        • Outreach Committee—The mission of the outreach committee is to organize, promote, and manage events that provide value to AIS Consortium members and promote the goals of the AIS Consortium. Interested in joining? Please contact Dr. Xiangen Hu at
            • Events include without limitation conferences, trade shows, forums, summits, hack-a-thons, workshops, and events that are designated as either “open to the public” or “member-only events”.
            • The outreach committee will plan regular annual conferences and events and will conduct monthly meetings to determine the value, scope, timing and content of these events.
            • Events will have a Chair assigned by the BoD or the Committee.
        • Resource Repository Committee—The mission of the Resource Repository Committee is to work toward building a critical mass of open-source and exemplar software components for the AIS community. Interested in joining? Please contact Richard Tong at
            • The initial open source capability will be hosted on IEEE SA Open and is expected to be available in 2021
            • The resource repository committee will conduct monthly meetings to:
              • Plan and manage the open-source implementation, distribution and promotion of AIS Consortium sponsored software through member contributions, hackathon events and student projects, collaboration with industry and academia partners, and sponsored research and development opportunities.
              • Curate, evaluate, collect, aggregate and host the AIS software stack, machine learning models, and exemplar applications from both consortium members as well as partners in the AIS repository.
              • Identify potential funding from philanthropy, government and individual donors.
        • Evaluation & Certification Committee—The purpose of the evaluation and certification committee is to create and operate an evaluation and certification service for the AIS community, especially for the conformance, compliance and support of the IEEE AIS standards. Interested in joining? Please contact Richard Tong at
            • Goals:
            • Define the evaluation service within AISC to provide to both member companies and entities outside of the consortium.
            • Promote the AIS certification and evaluation benefit to get the adoption (such as included in RFPs, legislations and governmental policies).
            • Recruit companies that will be certified (with an annual fee to the consortium) to become consulting partners.
            • Plan, create, market and manage the service for certification of AIS Consortium sponsored standards, primarily those passed by the IEEE AIS standard working group.
          1. Bringing AIS to state of practice—Survey being developed for members and non-members to understand barriers to moving AIS tech into state of practice
          2. Reaching out to LTSC, ICICLE, and AIS WG community to better understand how AIS Consortium and ICICLE can work collaboratively on shared goals
  • Global Outreach
  • Discussion on potential venues for outreach; the following conferences were mentioned as venues where Project 2247 members might conduct AIS-specialized sessions
  • HCII
  • xAPI Learning Cohort
    • Free, vendor-neutral, 12-week learning-by-doing project-based team learning experience about the Experience API
    • Introductory information, practical how-tos, and high-level discussions of the implications for our industry
    • xAPI Learning Cohorts run twice a year in spring and fall “semesters” with weekly all-group web meetings on Thursdays 2pm US Eastern Time
    • Next xAPI Cohort begins Thursday, Sept 2nd and runs for 12 weeks. Free signup at:
  • AIED 2021
  • Learning @ Scale
    • June 22–25, online
    • This year a duel conference with EMOOCs (European Massive Online Open Courses Stakeholders Summit)
    • Jim Goodell + MIT hosting a session.
    • Ethics panel proposal submitted by Jeanine
    • Professional Development workshops designated as official subcommittee (has institutional support)
  • ICCE 2021
    • International Conference for Computers in Education
    • Asian-Pacific Society for Computers in Education
    • Large overlap with AIED
  • IJCAI Workshop
    • August 21, 2021, virtual
    • Organized by Zitao Liu, Xiangen Hu, Richard Tong, Jiliang Tang, & Hang Li
    • Working on presentation schedule / speakers
    • Will have special issue
    • Also hosting the Tutorial on Multimodal Learning in K-12 Education – will be included in the Journal after
  • IT²EC
    • 8–10 September 2021
    • Pulled from Sevilla and will now be in Rotterdam
    • “IT²EC is Europe’s primary forum where stakeholders from military, government, industry and academia connect and share knowledge about training, simulation and education technologies.”
    • European I/ITSEC?
  • AIED Book is a work in progress
  • EdTech Maryland Meetup
    • Education Post-COVID: What did we learn?
    • Tuesday, June 15th, 6:30 EDT
  • NEW VERSION: 1 page description of Project 2247 activities for members to bring with them to conferences and meetings.
  • ICICLE Learning Engineering Podcast: first episode is now available on Spotify.
  • Other conferences / events / venues to promote?


  • Subgroups
    • Leaders have established meetings. Everyone should have received notifications via email.
    • Conceptual Modeling Subgroup Chair—Anne Knowles, Tipping Point Solutions
        • Balloting passed with comments
        • Comment Resolution Group has divided 147 comments that must be addressed before the ballot can be recirculated.
        • Have not had additional volunteers so far.
        • Commenters may be contacted individually by the CRG for clarification or assistance.
        • Americas Lead for AIS Conceptual Modeling—KP Thai, Age of Learning, Inc.
        • Asia-Pacific Lead for Conceptual Modeling—Xiangen Hu, University of Memphis & Central China Normal University
        • Europe-Africa Lead for Conceptual Modeling—Micheline Pollock, Ethan & Co.



        • Americas Lead for AIS Interoperability—Keith Brawner, US Army Futures Command
        • Asia-Pacific Lead for AIS Interoperability—Qiguang Lin
        • Europe-Africa Lead for AIS Interoperability—SEEKING VOLUNTEER 



        • Americas Lead for AIS Evaluation Practices—Louise Yarnall, SRI
        • Asia-Pacific Lead for AIS Evaluation Practices—Ma. Mercedes T. Rodrigo, Ateneo Laboratory for the Learning Sciences (ALLS)
        • Europe-Africa Lead for AIS Evaluation Practices—SEEKING VOLUNTEER


    • Ethical Considerations Subgroup Group—Jeanine DeFalco
      • Website link
      • Webex meeting link (new)
        • Meeting number: 129 455 9538

          Password: 367G7qZUtux


          Join by phone

          +1-646-992-2010 United States Toll (New York City)

          +1-213-306-3065 United States Toll (Los Angeles)

          Access code: 129 455 9538

      • Membership sign-up link 
      • Third Thursdays (next week), same time slot
      • Proposed focus areas (working titles):
        • Theoretical Framework
        • Ethical Design of AISs
        • Guiding Ethical Principles and Values Framework
        • AISs to Support Ethical Decision Making
      • Sign up to join any of the focus groups here
      • Currently soliciting papers related to subgroup topics for HCII
      • Seeking participation in literature review of ethics related topics

<insert Richard’s workshop info/list from last few minutes of meeting>

      • Americas Lead for AIS Evaluation Practices—SEEKING VOLUNTEER
      • Asia-Pacific Lead for AIS Evaluation Practices—SEEKING VOLUNTEER
      • Europe-Africa Lead for AIS Evaluation Practices—SEEKING VOLUNTEER

Meeting Calendar Summary:

1st Thursdays 10 a.m. EDT—2247.2 Interoperability @

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