Meeting Calendar Summary:

1st Thursdays 10 a.m. EDT—2247.2 Interoperability @
  • AIS Consortium
    • Check out the website and especially the events calendar. The AIS Consortium provides organizational memberships for an annual rate of $5000 per year.  The benefits of membership include access to the growing AIS Consortium resource repository called the Global Learning Toolkit (GLT), opportunities to leverage external investments by AIS Consortium sponsors, networking, training events, and partnering opportunities.  If you are interested, please contact Bob Sottilare at
  • Global Outreach
    • Discussion on potential venues for outreach; the following conferences were mentioned as venues where Project 2247 members might conduct AIS-specialized sessions
    • I/ITSEC
      • Ethics panel proposal submitted and accepted, Jeanine leading (Dec. 3, 1 p.m. EST)
      • Professional Development workshops designated as official subcommittee (has institutional support)
      • Bob, Jeanine, and Xiangen hosting a workshop with live demo of GIFT, how to build a tutor in an hour
      • Program available now
      • Joan Johnston is participating in an introductory AIS workshop
    • HCII
      • 26 June–1 July 2022
      • *NOW FULLY ONLINE* (No longer in Sweden)
      • We are still seeking AIS Conference Board Members. If you are interested, please contact Bob Sottilare at
      • Board members contribute by organizing a paper session of five invited papers (one can be by the organizer).
      • Call for papers
    • xAPI Learning Cohort
      • Free, vendor-neutral, 12-week learning-by-doing project-based team learning experience about the Experience API
      • Introductory information, practical how-tos, and high-level discussions of the implications for our industry
      • xAPI Learning Cohorts run twice a year in spring and fall “semesters” with weekly all-group web meetings on Thursdays 2pm US Eastern Time
      • Next xAPI Cohort begins Thursday, Sept 2nd and runs for 12 weeks. Free signup at:
    • ICCE 2021
      • 22-26 November 2021, held virtually
      • International Conference for Computers in Education
      • Asian-Pacific Society for Computers in Education
      • Large overlap with AIED
    • AIED Book is a work in progress. Now officially contracted with Routledge. Learning Engineering Toolkit
    • ICICLE Conference
      • mid-2022
      • AIED book will be the starting point.
    • NEW VERSION: 1 page description of Project 2247 activities for members to bring with them to conferences and meetings.

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