DC Power Transmission and Communication to DC Loads Working Group

Title: Standard for DC Power Transmission and Communication to DC Loads

Scope: This standard defines Physical Layer and Medium Access Control specifications for power supply and communication (at 9,600 bps or lower) over power lines from a DC (Direct Current) Power Source (50V or less) to multiple DC loads which are connected in 1:n multi drop bus or tree topology and supplied with DC power more than 100W by one Power transmitter.


Use-cases or Related Technical Fields

  • LED System Lightnings.
  • Energy control Communication for DC Loads.
  • DC Power Supply and Control of the DC Electric Appliances and Devices for user convenience.
  • Energy Management Communication for BEMS (Building Energy Management Systems).
  • Smart Home, HEMS (Home Energy Management Systems), Smart Energy for Living.
  • DC Power Supply and Loads Control for Renewable Energy Generation Systems(Solar Panel).
  • DC Loads Control Communication in the DC Micro grid environment.
  • Terminal Loads Control in Smart Grid.
  • Demand Response.
  • Communication and Power Supply to Vehicle Electric Appliances (Electric Car).
  • Traffic lights, guidance light control
  • Battery information/Control Communication.
  • Actuation Network Terminal Control for IoT Load/Actuator Network End Nodes.
  • Valves for Agriculture or Actuator Control in the Smart Farm.
  • Actuator control for machine tools in the Smart Factory.
  • Terminal Power Load Control and Power Supply in the Energy Saving Solution for Smart City.

WG Officers

SangKwon Peter Jeong, ceo@joyfun.kr

Vice Chair

Changjoon Choi, chjchoi@nor.co.kr

Staff Liaison
Jonathan Goldberg, goldberg.j@ieee.org