Project Title: Standard for Operator Interfaces of Artificial Intelligence

Project Request Type: Initiation / New

PAR Request Date: 28 Jan 2021

PAR Approval Date: 25 Mar 2021

PAR Expiration Date: 31 Dec 2025

PAR Status: Active

Chair: Dr. Chao Yang (Peking University, chao_yang@pku.edu.cn)

Project PAR: PAR

Scope: This standard defines a set of operator interfaces frequently found in artificial intelligence (AI) applications, where the AI operators refer to the standard building blocks and primitives for performing basic AI operations. It defines the functionality and the specific input and output operands of an AI operator. It takes into account both generality and efficiency, and covers various types of operators, such as those related to basic mathematics, neural network, and machine learning.

Join us: please contact the chair (Dr. Chao Yang, chao_yang@pku.edu.cn) or the secretary (Ms. Xiaoxu Luan, luanxx@pcl.ac.cn).

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