Mobile Learning WG P7919.1

Mobile Learning WG P7919.1

Welcome to the IEEE LTSC Mobile Learning Working Group. Our first project – P7919.1 – will define and categorize the capabilities of eReaders necessary to support learning. The official Scope and Purpose of the project are below. We welcome participation from all stakeholders including eReader and eBook developers, platform providers, authors, distributors, and consumers with an interest in using eBooks for learning, education, or training.


The 7919.1 standard will describe and classify the capabilities of eReaders that enable them to be used as a platform for learning, education, and training and provides alternative methods for implementing these capabilities. Methods include applications of industry standards and may include open source reference code.


The purpose of P7919.1 is enabling eReader developers, eBook authors and publishers, and consumers to understand the capabilities and affordances offered by eReaders and required by “eBooks” that are used in learning, education, and training. In this standard, an “eBook” may range from an interactive traditionally organized eBook to a fully adaptive learning and teaching system. The standard will enable stakeholders to ensure that the capabilities and affordances offered match those that are required.

Elliot Robson, Chair
Andy Johnson,  Secretary