1. The IEEE SDSC Industry Technology Expert Committee (ITAC) was officially established.

On December 30, 2020, The fourth meeting of IEEE SDSC (Intelligent Device Standardization Committee) officially approved the establishment of the Industry and Advisory Technology Committee (ITAC). As a professional committee of IEEE SDSC, ITAC is positioned as a communication & discussion platform for industry experts. ITAC organizes workshops or other pre-standard activities to discuss trend of industry and technology, and provides suggestions on key areas and directions of SDSC standardization. In this way, standard projects are incubated, industry consensus is formed, and industry cooperation is promoted.

Dr. Huang Weidong, a member of the SDSC, was elected as Chairman of the ITAC, and Mr. Luo Yaoping served as Secretary-General.


2.Introduction of SHDWG

The full name of “SHDWG” is “Smart Home Devices Working Group”. It was formally approved by IEEE SDSC (Smart Terminal Standards Committee) on September 23rd, 2020. The group not only focuses on the establishment, formulation, review, release and maintenance of standards for smart home devices, but also embark on the technology development of domestic and international smart home devices.

The advancement of artificial intelligence technology brings the boom of smart home devices which in turn makes our life convenient and full of fun. When it comes to the devices themselves, the functions, performance and intelligence level will determine the users’ experience. How to systematically evaluate household products, effectively identify product characteristics and reasonably analyze their advantages and disadvantages have become the common needs for both customers and manufacturers. Therefore, the reason that induces us to draft relevant standards is obvious.

Inspired by above-mentioned ideas, IEEE SHDWG, based on multiple levels of software and hardware, plans to study and formulate a general evaluation method for smart home devices intelligence. The task involves seven grading directions including computing, perception, cognition, mobility, collaboration, skills and security. The relevant work will offer best practice references for both customers and manufacturers.

In addition to standard development, IEEE SHDWG is also committed to the technological innovation, standard development and industrial cooperation. It aims at fostering the communication between China and the world, and promoting collaborative innovation in the smart home devices industry.


3.IEEE SDSC Industry and Technology Forum (Wuxi) Successfully Held

From March 30 to 31, the IEEE SDSC Industry and Technology Forum was successfully held in Wuxi, hosted by the ITAC(Industry and Technology Advisory Committee) of the IEEE SDSC (Intelligent Terminal Standards Committee) and hosted by TTL Technology (Wuxi) Co., Ltd.  Members of the IEEE SDSC Committee and experts from the SDSC ITAC attended the forum. Zuo Baochun, Deputy Director of Wuxi Industry and Information Technology Bureau, GuoGan, Chairman of TTL Technology (Wuxi) Co., Ltd., Lai Zhijing, General Manager, and about 50 representatives from TTL and Wuxi IoT enterprises, manufacturers, research institutes, and associations/academies attended the forum.

The meeting mainly introduced the background, work scope, responsibilities, and working group of SDSC and SDSC ITAC. Experts at the meeting also conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on technical standards and development directions in fields such as artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, wearable devices, AR/VR, and human-computer interaction.

At the forum, experts from TTL of China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT) and Wuxi IoT Industry Research Institute delivered keynote speeches on the IoT industry and standards progress, IoT testing technologies, IoT testing technologies, electromagnetic interference and compatibility testing technologies, and mobile application software testing technologies.

After the forum, research activities were arranged for Wuxi IoT Innovation Promotion Center, Wuxi Zhizhi Technology Co., Ltd., and Wuxi R&D Center of Huaqin Technology Co., Ltd. Experts at the meeting had a detailed understanding of the development of the IoT industry in Wuxi, and had full exchanges with IoT enterprises in Wuxi on IoT technologies and industry applications.

The successful holding of the IEEE SDSC Industry and Technology Forum provides a platform for professional technical discussions among experts in various fields and facilitates business exchanges and communication among enterprises in the industry, thus achieving the goal of gathering industry consensus and deepening industry cooperation. It also provides the industry foundation for the development of IEEE SDSC-related standards.