Data Compression Standards Committee
IEEE Computer Society/ Data Compression Standard Committee (C/DC)

Meeting Minutes of the 1st Meeting of the IEEE CS Data Compression Standard Committee

The 1st meeting of IEEE C/DC SC was held in Function Hall II, The Coli Hotel Shenzhen, Shenzhen, China. The agenda as annex.1 was approved by all attendees.

Dr. Feng WU presented patent slides at the meeting. A call for potentially essential patents was made, and no potentially essential patent claims were declared, and no holders of potentially essential patents were identified. All members could ask for the IEEE official patent document from the secretariat.

IEEE Computer Society Data Compression Standard Committee:

The Standards Committee Policy & Procedures was approved in the SASB meeting in Sept.05, 2019. The 1857 working group is moved into the DCSC as the first WG. Another WG on AI compression will be considered soon as the second WG. Feng Wu is the chair of DCSC, Siwei Ma, Yonghong Tian and Shan Liu are the vice-chair of DCSC. Siwei Ma is the new chair of 1857 WG. The secretary office of DCSC is hosted in the PENG CHENG Lab. The P&P of 1857 WG will be submitted for review before Jan. 21.

P1857-Audio Video Coding Working Group

3 subgroups of P1857 are active. The 1857 working group plenary meeting was held this morning. The progress inside working group was listed below:

P1857.8: Sponsor ballot was expected to be initiated before Dec.15 after the enrollment closed on Dec.10, 2019. The project was approved on 7-Nov-2019 by the IEEE-SA Standards Board to extend until 31-Dec-2020.

P1857.9: Five input documents from Alibaba, MiGu, and Peking University are discussed. Adopt one document which refines the process of DIBR. The refined 6DoF WD4.0 document and new version software will be outputted. Call for new sequences for 6DoF video. The description of DIBR should be the appendix in the standard. The project was approved on 7-Nov-2019 by the IEEE-SA Standards Board to extend until 31-Dec-2021.

P857.10: The PAR for the third generation video was approved on 07-Nov-2019 and expires on 31-Dec-2023.

FVC-Future Video Coding Study Group:

After discussion, all members unanimously agreed to include the existing interest group FVC into the DCSC and become the FVC Study Group. The Chair of FVC is Feng Wu, the vice chairs are Jizheng Xu and Haitao Yang.

The Scope of FVC is to study image compression and video coding technologies that are promising for future standards, especially, learning-based compression/coding technologies.


The next meeting is tentatively scheduled at 4:00pm (Beijing Time Zone, GMT 1:00am) on March 21, 2020 in Xiamen, China. Remote attendees can request to set up teleconference service at least one week ahead of the meeting.

This resolution included the agenda is approved on the meeting.

The meeting closed at 4:45pm Dec. 7, 2019.



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