Attendance List of the 4th DCSC Plenary Meeting

No. Last name First name Affiliation
1 Bai Yaxian ZTE Corporation
2 Cai Pinlong ZTE Corporation
3 Chen Zhenzhong Wuhan University
4 Chen Zhibo University of Science and Technology of China
5 Cheng Zhipeng Migu Video Co., Ltd.
6 Ding Ding Tencent
7 Dong Kaiyuan Shanghai Jiao Tong University
8 Dou Weibei Tsinghua University
9 Fan Xiaopeng Harbin Institute of Technology
10 Gao Wei Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School; Peng Cheng Laboratory
11 Huang Cheng ZTE Corporation
12 Jia Chuanmin Peking University
13 Jiang Wei Tencent
14 Lei Jianjun Tianjin Uninersity
15 Li Li University of Science and Technology of China
16 Li Xiang Tencent
17 Li Song Shanghai Jiao Tong University
18 Li Qiuting ZTE Corporation
19 Lin Weiyao Shanghai Jiao Tong University
20 Liu Shan Tencent
21 Liu Dong University of Science and Technology of China; Peng Cheng Laboratory
22 Liu Wei Peng Cheng  Laboratory
23 Liu Shan Tencent
24 Liu Jiaying Peking University
25 Liu Lingzhi Kuaishou Technology
26 luan xiaoxu Peng Cheng Laboratory
27 Ma Zhan Nanjing University
28 Ma Siwei Peking University
29 Mou Luntian Beijing University of Technology
30 Pan xingde Wavarts Technologies Co., Ltd.
31 Shen Qiu Nanjing University
32 Sun Yucheng Hikvision
33 Tian Yonghong Peking University; Peng Cheng Laboratory
34 wang yaowei Peng cheng laboratory
35 Wang Wei Tencent
36 Wang Yu Med AI Technology co. Ltd
37 Wang Qi Migu Video Co., Ltd.
38 Wang Ronggang Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School
39 Wen Gao Peking University
40 Wu Feng The University of Science and Technology of China
41 Wu Zhao ZTE Corporation
42 Xiaoyan Sun University of Science and Technology of China
43 Xu Xiaozhong Tencent
44 Yu Lu  Zhejiang University
45 Zhang Yufeng Shanghai Jiao Tong University
46 Zhang Yongfei Beihang University
47 Zhang Jian Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School
48 Zhao Haiwu Shanghai University

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