Agenda of the 11th Meeting of the IEEE CS Data Compression Standard Committee

Date: December 10th, 2021, from 4:00PM, Beijing Time

Venue: Virtual Conference

1 Agenda Approval Siwei Ma
2 IEEE-SA Patent Policy & Copyright Policy Statement Xiaoxu Luan
3 IEEE CS/ Data Compression Standard Committee Report the status Siwei Ma
4 1857 WG-Audio Video Coding Report on the progress Siwei Ma
5 2941 WG- AI Model Representation, Compression, Distribution and Management Report on the progress Yonghong Tian
6 3122 WG- Intelligent Data Processing and Compression for Internet of Things Jinghui Lu
7 Approval of the PAR for Digital Retina System Working Group wen Ji
8 Approval of the PAR for Media Coding for Visually or Hearing Impaired Work Group Luntian Mou
9 Approval of Meeting Minutes Siwei Ma
10 Next Meetings Siwei Ma

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