Data Compression Standards Committee
IEEE Computer Society/ Data Compression Standard Committee (C/DC)

Attendance List of the 12th DCSC Plenary Meeting

No.Last NameFisrt NameAffiliationStatus
1BaiYaxianZTE CorporationVoting Member
2CaiPinlong Voting Member
3ChenZhenzhong Voting Member
4ChenZhibo Voting Member
5ChengZhipeng Voting Member
6DingDing Voting Member
7DongKaiyuan Voting Member
9GaoWei Voting Member
10JiWenInstitute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of SciencesVoting Member
11JiaChuanmin Voting Member
12JiangWei Voting Member
13LeiJianjun Voting Member
14LiLi Voting Member
15LiXiang Voting Member
16LiSong Voting Member
17LiQiuting Voting Member
18LinWeiyao Voting Member
19LiuDongUSTCVoting Member
20LiuWei Voting Member
21LiuShanTencentVice Chair
22LiuJiaying Voting Member
23LiuLingzhi Voting Member
24LuJinghui Potencial Member
26MaZhan Voting Member
27MaSiweiPeking UniversityVice Chair
28MouLuntian Voting Member
29Panxingde Voting Member
30QiuSong Potencial Member
31ShenQiu Voting Member
32SunYucheng Voting Member
33SunXiaoyan Voting Member
34TianYonghongPeking UniversityVice Chair
35WangRonggangPeking University Shenzhen Graduate SchoolVoting Member
36WangWeiTencent AmericaVoting Member
37WangYu Voting Member
38WangQi Voting Member
39WangYaoweiPCLVoting Member
40WuZhao Voting Member
41WuFengUniversity of Science and Technology of ChinaChair
42XuXiaozhong Voting Member
43YuLuZhejiang UniversityVoting Member
44ZhangYufeng Voting Member
45ZhangYongfei Voting Member
46ZhangJian Voting Member
47ZhaoHaiwu Voting Member
48ZhengXiaozhen Voting Member