DySPAN Standards Committee (DySPAN-SC)

IEEE 1900.6

IEEE 1900.6 Working Group on Spectrum Sensing Interfaces and Data Structures for Dynamic Spectrum Access and other Advanced Radio Communication Systems

The IEEE 1900.6 working group defines the information exchange between spectrum sensors and their clients in radio communication systems, including the logical interfaces and supporting data structures used for this information exchange. These interfaces and data structures are defined abstractly without constraining the sensing technology, client design, or data communication link between the sensor(s) and their client(s).

The baseline standard of the IEEE 1900.6 Working Group, IEEE 1900.6-2011, was published in April 2011. It can be obtained at: https://standards.ieee.org/ieee/1900.6/4480/

The first amendment standard for IEEE 1900.6-2011, IEEE 1900.6a-2014 on the topic of “Procedures, Protocols and Data Archive Enhanced Interfaces”, was published in June 2014. It can be obtained at: https://standards.ieee.org/ieee/1900.6a/5223/

A second amendment standard, IEEE 1900.6b-2022 on the topic of “Spectrum Database Interfaces”, was published in June 2022. It can be obtained at: https://standards.ieee.org/ieee/1900.6b/5995/

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Oliver Holland, PhD (IEEE 1900.6 Working Group Chair)

Luzango Mfupe, PhD (IEEE 1900.6 Working Group Vice-Chair)

Konstantinos Katzis, PhD (IEEE 1900.6 Working Group Secretary)