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Call for Proposals

The conference theme is “Grounding Theory in Practice”

ICICLE’s Learning Engineering conference has a singular focus but with many facets. It’s designed for attendees from different backgrounds, including applied and scholarly learning engineers, university students studying the discipline, and anyone curious about professional topics in learning engineering. Similarly, it’s appropriate for practitioners, scholars, or students of learning science, learning technology, learning analytics and visualizations, human-centered design, organizational learning, psychometrics and learning measures, data instrumentation and interoperable standards, and related fields of training, education, and performance support. 

Submissions are Due May 8, 2023

This conference will combine the theoretical aspects of learning engineering with practical applications and lessons learned in the field. A variety of session types are planned to actively engage attendees, promote dialogue, and facilitate the advancement of learning engineering as a practice and process for all conference participants.

The 2023 ICICLE Conference will include the following topics: the learning engineering process, learning sciences, learning analytics, leadership and teamwork, technology innovations, human-centered learning, and the future of learning engineering. We look forward to sharing theory and practice with all those in this growing learning engineering community.


Deadline for Proposal submissionMay 8, 2023
Notification of AcceptanceEnd of May 2023
Session materials submittedJune 20, 2023
ConferenceJuly 24-26, 2023
Proceeding materials for accepted proposalsLate August

Types of Submissions

Session Type

Active Learning Sessions


In these 60-minute sessions, we invite experienced speakers to present on a topic and lead the attendees in a related activity. The presentation material and activity are expected to explore topics in learning engineering. These are formatted like roundtables or workshops where the participants speak more than the facilitator. Topics should address one of the key areas of learning engineering (for details and explanations, refer to the Learning Engineering Toolkit): 

  • LE Process
  • Learning Sciences
  • Engineering Practices
  • Instrumentation
  • Ethics in LE
  • Learner Motivation
  • LE Implementation
  • Applications in K-12, Higher Ed, or Workplace settings
  • Lessons Learned
  • Pedagogy
  • Learning Analytics and Data
  • Leadership or Teamwork
  • Technology Innovations
  • Human-centered Design for Learners
  • LE Careers and Mentorship
  • Assessments/Learning Metrics
  • Design Patterns and Reusable Components

Session Type

Show and Share Sessions


The Show and Share presentations are succinct 10-minute presentations on applied learning engineering. This session is intended to showcase specific attendee projects and how they connect to the learning engineering process (LEP) and LE Toolkit. While learning engineering is done by a wide range of practitioners and teams across many disciplines and industries, the practice and process of learning engineering provides a common language. The Show and Share sessions will provide conference attendees the opportunity to see a variety of applied learning engineering projects using this shared language.

Every session will be required to apply the learning engineering process model to their project, which could include each phase of the LEP or focus only on a specific phase, depending on the stage of the project. The LEP provides a shared model for all attendees to understand the scope of the project, supported by the project details, demo, etc. All practitioners are encouraged to share their LE project no matter experience level or project maturity.

The Show and Share presenters will also be able to showcase their work as a poster along the wall with attendees able to give asynchronous feedback throughout the day. After the conference, Show and Share presenters can submit their final LEP model and project description for inclusion in the conference proceedings.

Session Type

Technology Showcase


The Technology Showcases are 20-minute presentations where attendee participants can demo their educational technologies and projects. These sessions are expected to show how the technology connects to the learning engineering process, to what we know about supporting learners both as learners and as humans, and/ or using tools from the LE Toolkit. Like the Show and Share presentations, the Technology Showcases are expected to apply the learning engineering process model to contextualize the technology and the challenge it solves. It is important to note that while a demo or description of the technology solution is expected, this session is not intended to be a marketing session, but rather a focused look at how technology solutions are developed and operationalized using learning engineering. If possible, include a way for attendees to explore the technology solution. 

After the conference, Technology Showcase presenters can submit their final LEP model and project description for inclusion in the conference proceedings.