Annual LTSC Membership Fees


Our September monthly LTSC conference call has an item on the agenda concerning LTSC annual membership fees. This item was discussed at our face to face meeting at IDA at the end of Aug and I thought it might be useful if we went over the discussion which is also contained in the minutes of that meeting. The issue for the Sept meeting is to decide about fee between $25-$100.

In order to implement annual membership, a majority of the LTSC voting member would have to approve it for inclusion into the LTSC Policy &Procedures.
Most sponsoring committees do not have annual fees but charge for face-to-face “site” meeting attendance.
Fees could cover our small web presence, handout materials, etc. expenses. There is no intention that the fees would be able to cover travel expenses.

The LTSC Chair might have discretionary power to lower or waive the annual fee if it would be a financial hardship.

Meeting fee could be applied toward the annual LTSC fee
To count toward the quorum, you have to be a paid member and attending monthly meetings regularly. This defines “voting membership” in the LTSC. We currently have 22 “voting members”If you have some thought on

If you have some thought on this issue please let us us know

Frank Polster LTSC Secretary

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