IEEE LTSC Monthly Meeting Minutes, 10 October 2017

The notes from the 12 September meeting are here:

Participating Today

 Voting Members: (See the IEEE LTSC Roster.) Voting members must attend the LTSC meetings regularly and are counted toward quorum. Please add your name (and employer/affiliation).

Avron Barr (Chair, Individual); Frank Polster (Sec, Individual); Jim Schoening (US Army); Ian Gibson (RePubIT Inc.); John Costa (Chair & RePubIT Inc.); Andy Johnson (Unaffiliated); Alan Mustafa (AUK); Mitch Bonnett (Army, LTSC); Tyde Richards (Individual); Shelly Blake-Plock (Yet Analytics/TAGxAPI); Tiajuana Benson-Bond (Individual); Hamadou Saliah-Hassane (University of Quebec & IEEE-SA P1876 WG); Marsali Hancock (EP3 Foundation); Charles Touron (US Army)


Mark Grant (Observer, Individual); Pankaj Agrawal (Next Software Solutions)


. Robby Robson, John Rogers

Agenda and Notes.

  1. Roll call, establish quorum (Frank Polster, Secretary)
  • 1. The current membership roster.
  • 2. Regular attendance is required to be a voting member.
  • 3. We have a quorum for the 10 Oct LTSC meeting.
  1. Review and approval of today’s agenda. Please feel free to add to the notes during the meeting.
  2. Review and approval of our last meeting’s minutes. The notes from the September meeting are here.
  3. Call for related patents. Please familiarize yourself with these antitrust and IP guidelines for IEEE meetings.

LTSC Administrative Issues

  1. Website update and consolidation. Frank Polster.
  • 1. We will need to keep the iMeet Central site until we can implement a log in function for members only to separate LTSC doc. I could use some help on this issue from Natasha or Jonathan.
  • 2. We could use new blog post for the new website to highlight work group activities relative to xAPI of interest to our new xAPI TAG observers. E.G. Hamadou’’s remote lab work and ADB xAPI data collection.
  • 3. Pankaj Agrawal offered expert WordPress help.
  • 4. For more info, contact Frank Polster,
  1. IEEE’s attention to the governance of participants’ personal data.
  • 1. Has everyone heard from Jonathan Goldberg and/or David Ringle?
  • 2. Link to GDPR free toolkit from Microsoft . You can download the toolkit or take an online assessment to get an idea of the types of data questions to ask and policies to include. It is very important that each group has an accurate list of the technology used so IEEE legal teams can review the policies of the platforms to determine IEEE’s risk level.
  1. We will no longer record LTSC monthly meetings. There has been an IEEE policy change.

Working Group Reports

  1. Child and Student Data Governance (CSDG WG). Marsali Hancock.
  • 1. We are making great progress. The first stage was to identify the key issues. That has been completed. The second stage is to finalize the approach e.g. Data use or privacy risks. It is decided to move forward with data classification to allow for each country to identify the types of data that requires specific consideration. The end goal is to create standards that meets the needs of engineers and developers creating digital services for a child in or out of the classroom. It is difficult subject because we do not have previous standards to follow. Leah Plunkett from Harvard Berkman Center for Internet Policy has created use case scenarios to assist the working group members test our approach. The engineers in the working group identified the information they need the most and the order in which they will use the information. Over the next two months we will solidify the data classification matrix. The standards will address the types of data and data governance required.
  • 2. Monthly meetings on the last Wednesday. Contact Marsali.
  1. Augmented Reality Learning Experience Model (ARLEM). Fridolin Wild & Christine Perey.
  • 1. Revisions to P1589 and re-ballot pending. Avron will follow up.
  1. Actionable Data Book (ADB, an IEEE Industry Connections activity). John Costa.
  • 1. John is at the Frankfurt Book Fair in IEEE xPlore booth this week. Presenting on Digital Innovation Hotspot Hall 6.2 Wednesday 10/11 to worldwide publisher audience
  • 2. PEBL / MOU status?
  • 3. Prototype Development / IEEE Sandbox / Remote Lab – P1876
  • 4. New ICAID for a continuation through 2018 planned. Potential subsequent TAG.
  • 5. Meetings: First Thursday 4pm Eastern. 3rd Friday at 9:00am Eastern. Subgroups meet every other week. Prototype subgroup meets weekly.
  • 6. Use Case document drafted – ADB relations to LOM, 1484, 7004, 7006, GIFT
  1. Study group on draft eReader PAR – Robby Robson
  • 1. Robby is contacting the W3C Business Publishing group regarding LTSC’s intention to work on “requirements for eBooks intended for use as learning platforms.”
  • 2. We also hope to influence the spec for their forthcoming EPUB 3.1 release, e.g. with regard to xAPI.
  • 3. Robby will attend their meeting in San Francisco next month.
  1. Task-Model for Project-based Learning (TMPL WG) and Free Learning for Humanity TAG (FLH TAG). Jim Schoening.
  • 1. Presenting FLH paper at IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference in San Jose, CA, 21 Oct.
  • 2. A FLH pilot with 5 participants is ongoing and implementing the use of Quality Assurance to implement Self-Directed Learning.
  • 3. IEEE Collabratec’s ‘Task’ (aka Task Registry) will be expanded to include ‘Project’ for larger endeavors, and is set to release on 12 Oct, with marketing to follow. Our data model for ‘roles in an ad hoc team project’ is in draft and will be tested/validated over the next few months.
  1. xAPI TAG. Shelly Blake-Plock.
  • 1. Three weekly calls so far. Fourth this afternoon. Website:
  • 2. Ten subcommittees developing sections of a report on the state of xAPI.
  • 3. Announcement at DevLearn, October 25th
  • 4. Meeting weekly, Tuesday’s at 2:30pm Eastern.

The LTSC meets on the second Tuesday of the month to discuss progress and problems across all the projects. Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, November 14th, at 9:00am EDT.


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