ARLEM’s Wearable Experience for Knowledge Intensive Training (WEKIT)

Performance Augmentation Lab (PAL) Oxford  Brookes University’s Wearable Experience for Knowledge Intensive Training (WEKIT) The Wearable Experience for Knowledge Intensive Training (WEKIT) prototype is a platform for immersive procedural training with wearable sensors and Augmented Reality. Focusing on capture and re-enactment of human expertise. The practical challenges of interpreting expertise, using suitable sensors for its capture and specifying the means […]

Integrating Ebook Content with an Online Lab Using xAPI

One of the many educational affordances of cloud-based computing is the ability to offer STEM students “hands on” opportunities through online laboratories. Both remote labs, which are real facilities operated through the Internet, or virtual labs, which are online simulations, can offer learning opportunities that go far beyond what might be available in even the best school labs — and […]

IEEE LTSC Monthly Meeting Minutes 12 September 2017

Setting up once you’ve connected to Click on the phone handset icon (top of your screen) to set up audio (dial-in or VOIP). Click on the “Participant’s” icon to see who’s here. You can change your name here. Click on the Chat icon to open the Chat window. A recording of this meeting is available here: The notes and recording from […]

IEEE LTSC Monthly Meeting Minutes, 10 October 2017

The notes from the 12 September meeting are here: Participating Today  Voting Members: (See the IEEE LTSC Roster.) Voting members must attend the LTSC meetings regularly and are counted toward quorum. Please add your name (and employer/affiliation). Avron Barr (Chair, Individual); Frank Polster (Sec, Individual); Jim Schoening (US Army); Ian Gibson (RePubIT Inc.); John Costa (Chair & RePubIT Inc.); Andy […]

IEEE Learning Technology Standards Committee (LTSC) Annual Status Report 2017

Educational technology continues its rapid expansion in both innovative new products and market adoption. The LTSC anticipates that this transitional period will continue and result in disruption of many educational institutions and the industries that serve them. Nevertheless, as a set of established new product categories is emerging and the market is just beginning to see the need for interoperability […]

Welcome to the New LTSC Website

A New LTSC Home I’d like to introduce our new IEEE LTSC WordPress site. I have consolidated the five or so separate websites that previously existed and and produced a new site with a more user-friendly look and feel. The focus is first as an introduction to prospective new LTSC members and moving our legacy content forward. Much of our […]

Annual LTSC Membership Fees

  Our September monthly LTSC conference call has an item on the agenda concerning LTSC annual membership fees. This item was discussed at our face to face meeting at IDA at the end of Aug and I thought it might be useful if we went over the discussion which is also contained in the minutes of that meeting. The issue […]