Planet Positive 2030 is an initiative supported by the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA) that brings together a global, open community of experts to chart a path for all people to achieve a flourishing future for 2030 and beyond.  The name of our Initiative tells the story of how we’re doing our work:

  • Planet – The Earth we must heal, protect, and sustain for humans and nature to flourish for seven generations and beyond.
  • Positive –  The design ideology to ‘give back’ more to the Planet than is ‘removed’ (versus a “climate neutral” mindset) while not harming the biosphere/planet.
  • 2030 – An urgent timeframe incentivizing bold, scenario-driven, pragmatic systems thinking to inspire standards, policy and pragmatic change.
Planet Positive 2030 is an initiative of the IEEE SA
Chair: Dr. Maike Luiken: IEEE Past Vice President, Member and Geographic Activities, 2022
Staff Lead: John C. Havens: Sustainability Practice Lead, IEEE Standards Association & Executive Director, The IEEE Global Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems
Chief Weaver: Mila Aliana