IEEE SCC18 Roster 2-13-2020




  • IEEE SCC18 is seeking members that can also serve as IEEE External Representatives in the capacity of principal or alternate members to NFPA CMPs or TCs, as there are currently a number of IEEE positions that are vacant.IEEE membership, and IEEE Standards Association membership, is required for membership on IEEE SCC18.  IEEE SCC18 members who serve as IEEE external representatives are required to attend IEEE SCC18 meetings and NEC Report on Proposal and Report on Comments meetings (a total of 4 meetings in a 3-year NEC revision cycle). The other NFPA TC meetings are scheduled as needed in relation to their duties. SCC18 Ad Hoc ROP or ROC Review five person Task Groups for these TC Ballots are selected from SCC18 members, preferably IEEE-ER Principals. If you are interested please contact William McCoy ( for a membership package!
  • You may receive additional SCC18 related information by joining the SCC-18 Information Listserv HERE
  • More information is available from SCC-18 Committee Chairpersons David Law (; Rich Hulett ( or IEEE Senior Program Manager Patricia Roder (