P1484.20.2 - Defining Competencies Working Group

Sponsoring Society and Standards Committee: IEEE Computer Society/ Learning Technology Standards Committee (C/LTSC)

Title: P1484.20.2 Recommended Practice for Defining Competencies

IEEE 1484.20.2 Recommended Practices for Defining Competencies was developed to promote a common understanding for those involved in defining policies, standards, and data structures for competency definitions and frameworks. It discusses various approaches for developing competency definitions and frameworks and incorporates and promotes the principles of ethical development, definition, documentation, and reuse of competency definitions and frameworks. However, these recommended practices cannot replace the role of experts who have developed specific domain expertise that is invaluable to organizations developing specific competency definitions and frameworks.


The IEEE 1484.20.2 Recommended Practice for Defining Competencies standard has been published and is available at the IEEE SA store https://www.techstreet.com/ieee/standards/ieee-p1484-20-2?product_id=2245001.


Competency-based education, training, and workforce development are essential to embrace and develop the new skills required for the future of work. A common vocabulary, and recommended practices, are required to help stakeholders develop and communicate competency definitions. Common, shareable competency definitions enable systems, courseware, assessments, and learning tools to interoperability reference the same competencies so that, for example, learner records can be meaningfully transported from one system to another and from one organization to another. The quality of the information in these competency definitions impacts competency-based education, training, and workforce development.

The stakeholders include policymakers, educators, awarding bodies, employers, and labor unions. Contributors and consumers of this standard will include curricular designers, designers of learning content, credentials designers, learners, developers of academic and workforce competency frameworks, assessments developers, catalogers of learning content, educators, human resources professionals, and job boards who need well-defined competency definitions.


The IEEE 1484.20.2 Recommended Practices for Defining Competencies standard was published in December 2022. The Working Group members and the STDS-P1484-20-2 listserv participants will be notified when the standard needs review. Unless material errors are reported, the next Working Group meeting will be scheduled in 2028.

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