IEEE 1547.10
P1547.10, Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Gateway Platforms Working Group

Title: DER Gateway Platform


This recommended practice provides information on, and example of, how to apply distributed energy resource (DER) gateway platforms. This document describes DER gateway implementation options (local or distributed platform) for legacy or intelligent DERs. The gateway platform functions and communications include cybersecurity, centralized manageability, monitoring, grid edge intelligence and control, multiple entities management, error detection and mitigation, events tracking and notification, communication protocol translation, and communication network performance monitoring.


The purpose of the document is to create and maintain coherency between 1547.x, P2030.x, and other related projects for DER and Distributed Energy Resources Management Systems (DERMS) within the evolving smart grid interoperability reference model (SGIRM) with a focus on DER Gateway Platforms. The recommended practice enables utilities deploying DERMS and other DER integration systems to integrate DER with grid edge intelligence, while DER devices serve their core functions focusing on simplicity, interoperability, and long-term stability.