IEEE 1847 Location Services for Healthcare (LS-H) Working Group


Working group participant guidelines

  • Open to anyone
  • Multi-disciplinary participation is desired (e.g. clinicians, engineers, technologists, sales, executives)
  • No cost to join the Working Group
  • IEEE Membership is encouraged, but not required
  • Represent yourself and not your company
  • Do not advertise vendor products
  • Be open minded and respectful
  • Use common terms when possible

Process to begin participation

  1. Step 1: Join the Meetings and Document Library
    1. New participant e-mails [email protected] stating intentions to join.
    2. Working group secretary sends new participant:
      1. Recurring Virtual Meeting Invites held third Wednesday of each month @ 11am ET.
      2. Working Group internal documentation iMeet Central access.
    3. New participant sends acknowledge back to working group secretary.
  2. Step 2: Join the Listserv
    1. Option 1: Use the IEEE Listserv web interface to subscribe or unsubscribe from P1847-LSH list.
    2. Option 2: E-mail [email protected] with the following to subsribe to the listserv:
      1. Subject: P1847-LSH
      2. Body: subscribe P1847-LSH YourFirstName YourLastName
  3. Step 3: Participate in meetings
    1. Working Group Meeting types
      1. Recurring Virtual Meeting Invites held third Wednesday of each month @ 11am ET.
      2. Ad-hoc Sub Group Working sessions.
      3. Face-to-face several times throughout the year that are announced during Working Group meetings.
      4. Officers planning call is held monthly on the first Wednesday of each month @ 11am ET.
    2. Earn membership/voting rights governed by the group Policies and Procedures stored in iMeet Central:
      1. An individual gains voting membership by participation at two consecutive workgroup meetings.
      2. An individual loses voting membership by missing two consecutive workgroup meetings.

Core Orientation Documentation – stored in iMeet Central

  • Policies and Procedures (P&P) – Defines working group organization, responsibilities, voting, quorum, conduct, meetings and minutes, etc.
  • Project Authorization Request (PAR)
  • Common Framework
  • Meeting Agendas and Minutes