Software Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualization Performance

Future Internet Workshop (FI2030)

Future Internet Architecture, Technologies and Services for 2030 and beyond (FI2030) at the IEEE Global Communications Conference (Globecom 2019), Waikoloa, HI, USA


The FI2030 workshop aims to explore new network paradigms toward 2030 and beyond, focusing on the elements that will form the future network architecture, applications, protocols and services beyond the 5G/IMT-2020 vision. It is expected that the exponential growth in Internet of Things (IoT) and massive machine-to-machine communication, coupled with ultra-low latency, high bandwidth, high precision communications and high availability and reliability requirements of new breeds of future network applications, will drive the future Internet technologies, services and architecture. The future network applications include multi‑dimensional information delivery such as holographic type communication, immersive virtual reality, telepresence, tele-surgery, and industrial avatars. High precision communication allows packet delivery within a given time (in-time) or at a precise moment (on-time). It is necessary to revisit and rethink the architecture, protocols and services that form the foundation of the current Internet and come up with a disruptive approach to networking that fit better future applications. In this context, many questions need to be answered: What would be the optimal design for the network layer to deliver high-precision, and guaranteed real-time delivery services of the future Internet? How can we provide qualitative communication services which can tolerate partial loss of information while maintaining high QoE in real-time? How to achieve end-to-end performance guarantees, availability, resiliency, security and privacy in a federation of private and public networks connecting billions of IoT devices?

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