Software Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualization Performance

Call for Papers

The FI2030 workshop aims to explore new network paradigms toward 2030 and beyond, focusing on the elements that will form the future network architecture, applications, protocols and services beyond the 5G/IMT-2020 vision. It is expected that the exponential growth in Internet of Things (IoT) and massive machine-to-machine communication, coupled with ultra-low latency, high bandwidth, high precision communications and high availability and reliability requirements of new breeds of future network applications, will drive the future Internet technologies, services and architecture. The future network applications include multi‑dimensional information delivery such as holographic type communication, immersive virtual reality, telepresence, tele-surgery, and industrial avatars. High precision communication allows packet delivery within a given time (in-time) or at a precise moment (on-time).


It is necessary to revisit and rethink the architectures, protocols and services that form the foundation of the current Internet and come up with a disruptive approach to networking that fit better future applications.


The FI2030 workshop aims to bring together academic and industry researchers in various fields of networking to identify and discuss technical challenges, use cases and future possibilities for new networking paradigms that are not restricted by existing notions of network layers or to any particular technologies of today. Given the nature of the workshop, forward-thinking submissions are welcomed on any of the following topics:

  • Novel Network Architectures, Protocols, Technologies and Services.
  • Autonomous and Self-Governed Internet Architectures.
  • Quality of Service and Quality of Experience for Future Internet.
  • Multi-Dimensional Information Delivery.
  • High-Precision and Communication Services.
  • Qualitative Communication Services which can tolerate partial loss of information while maintaining high QoE in real-time.
  • Intent-Based Networking.
  • Service Provider Requirements and Use Cases
  • Security, Privacy and Trust-based Networking
  • Artificial Intelligence in Network Operation and Management
  • Blockchain in Future Internet Architecture
  • Cloud/Edge/Fog/Mist Computing integration in Future Internet
  • In-Network Computing

Prospective authors are invited to submit full-length papers (up to six pages including figures and references) following the IEEE conference paper format. All the accepted papers need to be presented at the workshop. They will be included in the workshop proceedings as well as IEEE Xplore.

Important Dates

Paper submission:                   07 July 2019

Acceptance notification:         15 August 2019

Camera-ready submission:      15 September 2019

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