IEEE 1936.3
IEEE P1936.3 - Unmanned Aircraft Systems in Power Grid Applications - Unmanned Aircraft Systems Using Light Detection And Ranging for Survey and Design Working Group


· State Grid Corporation of China(SGCC)

DR/Chair: Wenjun Han, DRA/Editor: Peijie Li

· China Power Engineering Consulting Group Co., Ltd. (CPECC)

DR/Secretary: Ying Zhang, DRA: Yanqian Sun

· China Mobile (Chengdu) Institute of Research and Development

DR/Vice-Chair:Yu Su,DRA:Ziyang Liu

· China Southern Power Grid Co., Ltd.

DR: Chigang Peng, DRA:Ruchao Liao

· Xidian University

DR: Min Sheng, DRA:Junyu Liu

· Zhejiang University

DR: Qiang Yang

· Peking University

DR: Lei Yan

· China Electronic Standardization Institute

DR: Haiying Lu

· Wuhan University

DR: Hongxing Sun

· SDEPCI(ShanDong Electric Power Engineering Consulting Institue CORP.LTD)

Observers:Zengliang Chang/Xingguo Gao/Guoping Wan