IEEE 2030.10
P2030.10- Distribution Resources Integration Working Group/Remote DC Microgrid

Title: Standard for DC Microgrids for Rural and Remote Electricity Access Applications

Scope: This standard covers the design, operations, and maintenance of a dc microgrid for rural or remote applications. The standard further provides requirements for providing low voltage dc and ac power to off-grid loads.

Purpose: The purpose of this standard is to address the needs of the electrical power industry to provide safe and economic access to electricity in areas of developed and developing counties where centralized electric power generation, transmission and distribution infrastructure does not exist. Off-grid microgrid applications can provide power where infrastructures costs or other issues are prohibitive for a fully connected system. This standard provides the framework to allow for deployment of distributed generation, storage and use of electricity based on identified requirements and existing technology. Further, it has the goal of facilitating the use of clean renewable generation of electricity in these applications. 

Need for the Project: Many areas in the world have people without electricity. India has 400 million without power. This standard will address the need for energy resources like solar and wind to be use to provide power for remote and rural applications. Governments and other supporting agency are looking for standardized products and services to address these needs. This standard will help address this issue.

Stakeholders for the Standard: manufacturers, government agencies, contractors, utilities, and others in the distributed energy sector.

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