IEEE P2030.5 Working Group

Title: Standard for Smart Energy Profile Protocol

Scope: This Standard defines an application profile which provides an interface between the smart grid and users. It enables management of the end user energy environment, including demand response, load control, price communication, distributed generation, energy storage, and electric vehicles as well as the support of additional commodities including water, natural gas, and steam. This standard defines the mechanisms for exchanging application messages, the exact messages exchanged including error messages, and the security features used to protect the application messages. This standard focuses on a variety of possible architectures and usage models including direct communications between a service provider and consumers/prosumers, communications within a premises or home area network (HAN), and communications between a service provider and an aggregator. Lastly, this Standard sources elements from many existing standards, including IEC 61968 and IEC 61850, and follows a RESTful architecture utilizing widely adopted protocols such as TCP/IP and HTTP. In addition it supports all of the needs of IEEE 1547-2018 This revision maintains backwards compatibility with IEEE 2030.5-2018 while providing an expanded feature set.