IEEE P2673 Working Group

Sponsor: EMB Standards Committee, Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society
Sponsor Chair:  Carole C. Carey [email protected]

Title:  Standard for Patient Digital Biomedical Data Files with 3D Topological Mapping of Macroanatomy and Microanatomy for Use in Big Data and Augmented Intelligence Systems

Scope: This standard provides a framework for organization and use of new patient biomedical files containing medical imaging and imaging biomarker information for use in big data cloud-based augmented intelligence systems. In addition, this standard defines 3D digital topological mapping of information and data to human macroanatomy and microanatomy. Included in this standard are requirements to assure compliance with ethical design and value-based design standards to assure (1) patient data security with full access, sharing, and user control of their personal data; and (2) protection of the professional fiduciary relationships between physicians and patients.

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