IEEE P2725.1 Working Group

Sponsor:  EMB Standards Committee, Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society
Sponsor Chair:  Carole C. Carey [email protected]

Joint Sponsor:  CES Standards Committee, Consumer Electronics Society
Joint Sponsor Chair:  Yu Yuan [email protected]

Joint Sponsor:  MTT Standards Coordinating Committee, Microwave Theory and Techniques Society
Joint Sponsor Chair:  Nick Ridler [email protected]

Joint Sponsor:   SMC Standards Committee, Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Society
Joint Sponsor Chair:   Loi Lei Lai [email protected]

Title: Standard for Microwave Structural, Vascular or Functional Medical Imaging Device Safety

Scope:   This standard specifies the area(s) of intended usage, electromagnetic and electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements for microwave medical imaging systems and brain-machine interface (BMI) devices.

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