P2731 - Standard for a Unified Terminology for Brain-Computer Interfaces

Standards Committee: EMB Standards Committee, Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society

Standards Committee Chair: Carole C. Carey [email protected]


Title: Standard for a Unified Terminology for Brain-Computer Interfaces


Scope: The standard establishes terminologies and definitions used in the description of Brain-Computer Interfaces.


Three main areas are covered:

  1. The terminology: a BCI Glossary will be created to provide a clear explanation to all stakeholders of the BCI terminology which is sometimes misused, ambiguous or difficult to comprehend by some stakeholders (e.g. users vs. neurologists vs. engineers). 
  2. A common a well defined Functional Model of BCIs, so that all BCIs could be described according to it.
  3. Data sharing: what information should be stored into files? Different file formats are available for storing BCI data, but they often miss fundamental information so that it is impossible to mix datasets from different databases, thus limiting progress.

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