P2795 - Standard for Shared Analytics Across Secure and Unsecured Networks

Standards Committee: EMB Standards Committee, Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society

Standards Committee Chair: Esteban Pino, [email protected]

Title: Standard for Shared Analytics Across Secure and Unsecured Networks

Scope: This standard identifies requirements for trusted high assurance analytic exchange services over secured and unsecured networks. The standard defines metadata and frameworks used to support interactions between nodes that are involved in a trusted multipart handshake including discovery of data models and processing aspects available at a remote location, appropriate analytic configuration, and exchange of vetted critical analytic results. This standard supports the exchange of trusted, actionable, and appropriate information for use between analytic producing and consuming nodes. The multipart handshake is designed for use between computing nodes operating in potentially denied, disrupted intermittent limited bandwidth (DDIL) environments. These environment involve critical infrastructure (e.g., medical, transportation and utilities) and might be austere compute environments such as those present in IoT and industrial control systems (ICS). The standard does not preclude other applications that employ analytic exchanges.

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