IEEE P2874 Spatial Web, Architecture and Governance Working Group

Title: Standard for Spatial Web Protocol, Architecture and Governance

Scope: This standard describes a Hyperspace Transaction Protocol (HSTP) that enables interoperable, semantically compatible connections between connected hardware (e.g. autonomous drones, sensors, smart devices, robots) and software (e.g. services, platforms, applications, artificial intelligence systems) and includes specifications for:

1) a spatial range query format and response language for requesting data about objects within a dimensional range (spatial, temperature, pressure, motion) and their content.

2) a semantic data ontology schema for describing objects, relations, and actions in a standardized way

3) a verifiable credentialing and certification method for permissioning create, retrieve, update, and delete (CRUD) access to devices, locations, users, and data; and

4) a human and machine-readable contracting language that enables the expression and automated execution of legal, financial and physical activities.


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