Interfacing Cyber and Physical World Working Group

§ P2888.1

Specification of Sensor Interface for Cyber and Physical World

§ P2888.2

Standard for Actuator Interface for Cyber and Physical World

§ P2888.3

Standard on Orchestration of Digital Synchronization between Cyber and Physical World

§ P2888.4

Standard on Architecture for Virtual Reality Disaster Response Training System with Six degrees of Freedom (6 DoF)

§ P2888.5

Evaluation Methods of Virtual Training Systems

§ P2888.6

Holographic Visualization for Interfacing Cyber and Physical Worlds

WG Officers

Kyoungro Yoon,

Vice Chair
Sang-Kyun Kim,

Sangkwon Peter Jeong,

Staff Liason
Jonathan Goldberg,


Orientation of IEEE 2888 WG for New Comers

Policies and Procedures