IEEE 3079 Working Group (Human Factor for Immersive Content Working Group)

WG Structure


※ IEEE P3079: HMD based VR Sickness Reducing Technology

    Scope: This standard is setting a technical guidance to resolve Virtual Reality (VR) sickness  caused by the visual mechanism of the head mounted display (HMD) through the study of:

– visual response to the focal distortion
– visual response to the lens materials
– visual response to the lens refraction ratio
– visual response to the frame rate

    Conformance test tools:
     § ETRI-CYRE(Cybersickness Reference) 2020
           – Open Database for Quantitative Analysis of VR Sickness
           – If you need more information, please contact to


※ IEEE P3079.1: Motion to Photon (MTP) Latency in Virtual Environments

    Scope: This standard specifies the requirements and test methods for the motion to photon (MTP) latency that causes virtual reality (VR) sickness while people are using the virtual reality content. This standard is applicable to VR content related with software, hardware, and human factors regarding MTP latency.


※ IEEE P3079.2: Mixed Reality Standard Framework for Motion Learning

    Scope: This standard defines a framework for mixed reality content aimed at effectively motion learning

– Terms & Definition
– Requirements for framework
– User’s motion acqusition method
– Synchronizing coordinate system of motion sensor and projector
– Application programming interfaces
– User Interface for interaction method





WG Officers

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