IEEE C/DC 3161 Working Group
IEEE Digital Retina Systems Working Group (3161 WG)

Overview of IEEE 3161 WG

The 3161 WG is working on the series of standards which provides technical toolsets for digital retina, including architecture, protocol, transmission, components, functions, interfaces, and cooperation procedure of three streams, including video stream, feature stream, and model stream. Digital retina is a novel visual computing framework. It is biologically inspired, rooted on the widely accepted view that the retina encodes the visual information for human perception, and extracts features by the brain downstream areas to disentangle the visual objects. Within the digital retina framework, video stream, feature stream, and model stream, work collaboratively over an end-edge-cloud platform. The target applications and services include but are not limited to city brain systems, end-edge-cloud platforms, video-based edge computing, myriad video big data applications in smart cities, video-based applications in communications and networks.