IEEE-SA P3333.1 WG

This project is sponsored by the IEEE-SA Board of Governors/Corporate Advisory Group.


Sanghoon Lee

Vice Chair:

Patrick Le Callet

For Information:

P3333.1 WG Secretary


Standard for the Quality Assessment of Three Dimensional (3D) Displays, 3D Contents and 3D Devices based on Human Factors 


This standard establishes methods of quality assessment of 3D displays, 3D contents, and 3D devices based on human factors such as photosensitive seizures, motion sickness, and visual fatigue. This standard also identifies and quantifies the following causes of human factors:

viewers’ characteristics, such as age, gender, posture, and risk level;

visual contents, such as disparity, camera setting, flicker, frame rate, contrast, luminance, color, and object velocity;

visual environment characteristics, such as light transfer, viewing distance, intensity of illuminance, and viewing freedom;

display characteristics, such as display size, color, resolution, refresh rate, and crosstalk;

devices, such as 3D glasses and 3D cameras.