Welcome to the IEEE Cable Systems in Substations Working Group

The Cable Systems in Substations working group (D2) is part of the Transmission and Distribution Substations Design (D0) subcommittee.  Refer to the organization chart for more information on the overall Substations Committee structure.


The scope of the Cable Systems Working Group is:

  • Design, installation, and protection of insulated wire and cable systems in substations with the objective of minimizing cable failures and their consequences.
  • Provide guidance to the substation engineer in established practices for the application and installation of metallic and optical cables in electric power transmission and distribution substations with the objective of minimizing premature cable failures and their consequences.
  • Emphasize reliable electrical service and safety during the design life of the substation.

This is achieved by:

  • Creating and maintaining consensus standards on these topics.  The standard that this working group is responsible for is listed on the Standards Association website.
  • Holding regular meetings for the presentation and discussion of new best practices or research.


  • 6/4/19 (San Francisco, CA)
    • More discussion on updates regarding communication cables.
    • Jim Campbell will present on EPRI EMP cable shielding considerations at JTCM in January 2020.
    • Task force lead by Jason Chlopek will work on modeling the results of shielding cables from transients and the impact to power cable shield ampacity.
  •  5/9/18 (Scottsdale, AZ)
    • We had a well attended and successful tutorial covering our recent publication of the standard.  Thank you to Jim Campbell, Kim Knuckles, Shashikant Patel and Art Graves for their hard work putting this together and presenting.
    • Our long standing Secretary, Brian Farmer, has announced his impending retirement.  Several candidates have been identified, look for an announcement at our next meeting.

WG Officers

DJ Moreau, Email

Vice Chair
Alan Gaetz, Email

Martin-Denise Long, Email

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